Life Keeps On Driving: Through The Pain

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been working on my first novel which will be out in 2017 and am very excited about it. I thought I would kind of give you a sneak peek about what it’s about. The title is called Through The Pain. Country music superstar Grayson Hutchinson has it all-a whirlwind tour, his tenth number one hit and his second platinum album. He is sitting on top of the world. But all of a sudden his world is torn out from underneath him and his life is changed in an instant. MaCrae Torrinson is a chef to the celebrities, touring with some of the greatest names in music. She also carries a torch for Grayson that will never go out. In one freak event, her world is also crumbling around her.

Through The Pain: Coming in 2017

Through The Pain








Follow the lives of Grayson and MaCrae as the events in their lives keep driving them Through The Pain and to each other.



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