Out of the Box Book Marketing Ideas.

Have you published a book and are having trouble getting exposure? I totally understand.  It can be really hard when there are thousands and thousands of books on Amazon and you feel like just a guppy. There are ways you can do things to help your book launch, but I will write about that in another blog post. Like you, I have had trouble getting my books ‘out there’. When you have a limited budget and haven’t yet learned how to run Facebook or Amazon ads you have to get creative. Here are some out of the box book marketing ideas I have used this year to get my books out into my local area.

Out of the Box Book Marketing Ideas.

Independent Local Bookstores-Local bookstores are a great way to start getting exposure for your books and most indie store owners are thrilled to help locals out. All I did was call my local stores and say, “Hi, I’m a local author and was wondering if you had a local author section and if so, how does a local author get their books into your store.” Every store I called takes books on consignment which means they take a small percentage of each copy they sell. So far, this has worked out fairly well for me. I even have my books in a local comic book store.  I may not sell a ton of copies but at least I’m getting exposure.

Benefits-I have donated my books to various benefits in our area for raffles and silent auctions.

Out of the box book marketing ideas

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Donate to the Library-My books are in several libraries in our area.


Author Events-Many local bookstores hold author events or open mic nights. I have been to four events this year and they are a lot of fun. I love meeting other local authors as well as meeting new readers. These events have also led to my books being seen by people that don’t know me. For example, I participated in an event at a local comic book store. At this event, I sold four copies of Don’t Eat Your Boogers and two of those copies were bought by gentleman whose wives were teachers.  When I got home that night, I received a message on Facebook from a local bookstore owner who wanted to carry Don’t Eat Your Boogers in her store. Her teacher friend brought it in and she fell in love with it.

By keeping these techniques in mind, you will be starting to build a local audience in no time.  Do you have any other out of the box book marketing ideas? I would love to know.


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