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Read 5 Poems From Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise


I feel the fire of rage burning within me

The invisible pain fills my heart

Blue blood trickling from a heart barely beating

The full moon drives me to insanity

As I sit alone in painful peace

Waiting for you to come back, you see

Through my tear-filled eyes, I see

The constant sadness that dwells inside me

Lost in a world of darkened peace

My seemingly unbeating heart

Leads me to insanity

Because of its unbeating

Always unbeating

Memories flashing in your mind, you see

Are they driving you to insanity?

Like the memories in my mind are doing to me?

My broken heart

Struggling for painless peace

Painless peace

A restoring of constant beating

Starting at the bottom of my heart

So I’m new again, you see

A yearning to go on burns within me

But I can’t because of empty insanity

Empty insanity

Painful peace

Struggling inside me

Heart helplessly beating

How I long for you to look and see

The pain in my heart

The pain in my heart

My mind filled with insanity

Every day I look and see

My emotions fighting my mind for peace

Swirling, beating

To be released from me

The heart unbeating, the mind filled with insanity

The memories that haunt me and pain you’ll never see

My heart fighting to start beating


Gray skies

Gray skies

So dark and yet so bright

Causing me to shield my eyes

Squinting, squinting in the light of day

When the comfort of darkness is so suddenly taken away

Forced into the light

Forced away from my solitude

Where my thoughts roam and emotions brew

Going out into the dim light

Taming my restless soul

Longing for darkness

Where I finally feel whole

Retreating to my coffin

My deep, black hole

Where I can’t be seen

Content is my soul

Safe and alone

These four walls, like a prison, are my home

Where my mind is free and emotions roam

In a few hours time

Light rears its ugly head

Once again my soul is dead

Faded into the world

Wondering amongst them

Yearning for darkness to set

When I can live again


Feeling the cutting

The sawing through my skull

Pain shoots through me

Though to me it feels like a massage

Feeling the instruments

Stirring so easily

Liquid oozing

Thoughts being freed

Removing a part of me

My skull falls back into place

Perfect fit, not covering my face

Gauze surrounding me

Wrapped tightly to keep things in place

So no brain runs down my face

They tell me now I’ll be perfectly fine

In a few days time

That I’m no longer crazy



Blackness overcoming me

Covering my feet, face, and body

Filling my mind with peace

Strangers there to protect me

Drifting, drifting to subconscious

Drowning in the deep abyss

Blackness, blackness swallow me whole

Sinking into the soft, mink stole

Arms around me

My mind is free

Slowly, slowly the clock ticks by

Till the sky starts to fry

The vultures lie in wait

To get me and take me away

Next sweet day


A hand grabs a hold of me

I wish it would let go

But it won’t let me be



You’re anchoring my soul

It’s disturbing me

I feel it panic in silent desperation

So afraid it will never move again

Finally,  finally, you set me free

And I can move again

My soul moving with me

Once again free

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