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Read 5 Poems From The Safety Of Objects


Falling, falling, descending from the sky
Against a background of grey, we drift slowly by
We are all different, yet we have the same name
Some of us stay and some of us die
I just landed in someone’s eye
And become a tear that they cry


Rich and creamy

Dark and sweet


Can’t be beat

White, dark, milk chocolate too

With nuts and chips and caramel goo

Drizzled on ice cream

Made into pie

Often it gives a sugar high

Found in pastries, cookies, and cakes

On pretzels and peanuts

In frosty milkshakes

Sometimes tastes yummy, sometimes sickeningly sweet

Chocolate cures almost anything

And the taste can’t be beat


Snotty, sneezing

All stuffed up

It’s only been two days

But I’m sick of this stuff

Constantly sneezing

And blowing my nose

A box of tissues has become my  companion, you know

Sore throat and achy and watery eyes

I’ve been snorting prescription nasal spray

But I still wanna die

Sitting in study hall, tissues in piles

Like Taz in a whirlwind, I move down the hall

The force of my sneezing buckles the walls

As I wait for this building to crumble and fall

All I want is for this cold to go away, that’s all

Nation’s Addiction

Dark brown color

Liquid heat

Sometimes too strong, sometimes too weak

Drink in the morning, drink at night

Often could be labeled nation’s delight

Many different kinds

Many different flavors

Vanilla, hazelnut, and mocha

They can all be savored

Sometimes adding sugar, sometimes add cream

Aromas of flavor, amidst all the steam

Sometimes relaxing

Sometimes with a kick

Too sweet can make you sick

Consumed by the pot

Consumed by the cup

It seems like this nation will never get enough


Piping  hot griddle

Cakes golden brown

Strips of fat sizzle

Aromas all around

Fluffy golden chickens

Scrambled and poached

Yolks ooze all over

Butter and toast

Sausage and ham

Liverwurst too

Hot, golden biscuits

Warm, fresh bread

Topped with preserves, butter, jelly, and jams

Sometimes made into a sandwich with eggs and ham

Hotcakes and french toast

And waffles with fruit and cream

Coming up light and fluffy

From a grill piping with steam

Fresh fruit

And canned fruit

Liquified too

Poured into glasses

Chilled on ice too

Cinnamon rolls

And sweet rolls

Danishes with cream cheese

All nice and gooey when taken from heat

Doughnuts and coffee cake

Adding pound for pound

With ice-cold milk


Soda pop



To wash it all down

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