The Story Behind Don’t Eat Your Boogers

You may be wondering how in the world I came up with the story Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green) and what the back story is. My day job is working in a daycare which is a great place for an author. I have cultivated various ideas for both books for children and adults in the past six years.  Throughout my career, I have held various positions. One day when I was in the two year old room one of the kids was eating their boogers. I can remember my co-teacher firmly but warmly telling this child not to do that. Immediately when she said this, “You’ll Turn Green” was added on in my thoughts. That is when the light bulb clicked that I should write a story about this. But life got busy and I didn’t think any more about it.

The Story Behind Don’t Eat Your Boogers.

It wasn’t until I took a freelance writing course last year and I had to pick an option for my last assignment. I immediately chose ‘children’s short story’ because Boogers was starting to haunt me. So I sat down and wrote it and revised and revised and revised. In the end, my instructor really enjoyed it and said I should have it published. It made me feel really good that someone outside of my sphere of influence truly enjoyed my work. In the spring of last year I submitted it to several magazines only to get rejection letters. No worries, I would just keep trying. In the midst of this, I decided to take it in and read it to the oldest class in our center. They absolutely loved it and sat completely still through the whole reading-without illustrations! A few told me afterwards that they wanted it in a book. Knowing they are my most honest and true audience, I knew that eventually I would have to self-publish it.

Don't Eat Your Boogers (You'll Turn Green)

And here we are, a little over a year later. Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green) will be released on November 2, 2015. I have been proudly showing off my cover image to a few of my co-workers. One of our older kids asked what I had and I told him that he would find out in a few months. He responded by asking me if it was about that story I read them. I told him ‘yes’ and that by November it would be a real book. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head when he responded with a gasp of, “Really?”. Needless to say, I can’t wait to take it in and show them. That is the story behind Don’t Eat Your Boogers. So when cold and flu season rolls around again or your kids are just flat out picking their noses, remind them Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green).