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Someone To Catch My Teardrops is the first book in the Steele Family Saga. Firstborn son, Grantland Steele has lost everything-his marriage, his employees, and his career. In an effort to lie low and figure out how to start over, he heads home to Peachtree, Illinois. However, someone from his past comes into his life again having weathered her own tragedies. Can these two lost souls heal each other’s hearts, and finally find love?

“This book has a creative and engaging storyline, not your “run of the mill” romance. Written in a heartfelt style, the first book in this family saga is a great choice for those who love “clean romance”.


“This is a wonderful book and well worth reading. Both McRae and Grantland have been through tragedies. They go through a lot trying to get their lives back to normal. But still someone is out to kill Grantland. “

-Ellen, Librarything Early Reviewers

“This is a spectacular book it grabs your interest right from the beginning and keeps it through the whole book. It’s easy to visualize the characters. The story line is well thought out. “

-Karen, Librarything Early Reviewers

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Here are some other books from my catalog.

Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise

These poems tell the story
About a road littered with heartbreak
Unrequited love
And finally letting go

Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green)

Goober McGee has a bad habit. He eats his boogers. His older brother, Sludge, warns him that he could get a case of Boogeritis. Goober thinks he is just pulling his leg. But one day he wakes up and he is all green, everywhere! Goober is in a panic. How does he get rid of it? Follow Goober on his quest to get well by learning to try new foods and promising to never eat his boogers again.

Brock’s Bad Temper (And The Time Machine)

Brock has a bad temper, he just can’t seem to keep his anger under control. His sister, Brenda, is known as the kindness queen. She warns Brock that if his temper keeps up, he will wind up taking a trip in the bad temper time machine. Brock thinks she’s crazy. She tells him that she used to have a bad temper too but all that changed after a few trips in the time machine.

Brenda tells him that one night she was putting on her pajamas and the next thing she knew, she was in another time period. She was also getting ready to receive an old-school punishment. Brock doesn’t believe her and says it could never happen to him.

Then one night after a rough day at school he is transported back in time in the time machine. Will his experiences show him that having a bad temper is not a good thing? Will he realize that the modern-day consequences for his actions are not that bad? Join Brock as he gets in trouble, goes back in time, and finally learns to get his temper under control.