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Finding gifts for writers can be a challenging thing. Especially for those who do not write. No offense anyone. 🙂 There are so many kinds of writers as well, from freelance writers to poets to songwriters, etc. How can you find the perfect gift for that special writer in your life? Today I have compiled a list of gifts via category that is sure to have your writer dreaming of their next words.

The Freelance Writer

Writer’s Market 2017This book comes out every year with new publications for writer’s to publish their work in, tip and tricks of the trade, and examples of how to write a great query.(  Original book starts at $20.97, Deluxe version(includes a 1 year membership to, $36.60, Barnes & Noble.)

Grammarly PremiumDo you know a writer who can tell a great story and spell, but struggles with grammar? Then a Grammarly Premium membership would be perfect for them. The premium version of this program corrects grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style. Plans start at $29.95/month

Make Money As A Freelance Writer by Sally Miller and Gina HorkeyDo you know someone who is either just starting their freelance business or dreams of doing so but has no idea where to start? This is the perfect book to get them started on the right track. $3.99 (e-book only)

Squirrly ProSquirrly is a plugin for a website that helps a writer analyze  key words to put into their blog posts. If your writer has a blog, this is a great gift for $20/month.


Gifts For Writers

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The Poet

 2017 Poet’s MarketWho says poetry is a lost art? This book is full of places to submit poetry, contests, and helpful tips. (B&N, $26.96)

A Blank Journal-There is something about a new blank journal that sends sparks through a poet’s soul. As writers, sometimes we have to write ideas on napkins, paper place mats or whatever other source of paper we find at the moment. Having a new journal sparks excitement as to what will fill the pages next.

The Songwriter.

SongU.comSong University is the most comprehensive tool I have come across for songwriters. Through this service you have access to songwriting courses, feedback on songs you have written, the ability to pitch your songs and the ability to find a co-writer (for those who write only music or only lyrics). You can choose from a Lite Membership ($4.95/month or $14.00/quarter or Premium Membership($25.95/month or $75/quarter).

Songwriters Market 40th Edition-This book comes out every year and is full of current information on placing songs with music publishers, discovering record companies or producers, securing representation with a manager, etc. (Amazon, $20.74)

For Any Writer.

Writer’s DigestThis magazine is packed with information about all kinds of writing, interviews with top authors, etc. ($25/year) The subscription link is at the bottom of the page. 🙂

A Space Of Their Own-Does the writer in your life have to adjust to whatever their surroundings are when they want to write? Contrary to popular demand, we can write just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we are the most productive. It is important for a writer to have their own space to write.  So clean out that extra closet, a corner in the spare room or a quiet corner elsewhere and turn it into that special space for your writer. A desk, their computer, and a printer is all you really need. A planner or a framed inspirational writing quote would be a nice touch too. They will love you for it.

Homemade Meals For The Freezer-Normally people think of this when people move or have a new baby but this is also great for your writer friends. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are writing that time just flies by and the next thing we know it’s past dinnertime and we (and our families) are starving. Sometimes we are on a tight deadline also. Being able to pull a meal from the freezer and pop it into the oven would be a God send for your writer.

Coffee, Tea and Chocolate-Hey, aren’t these what writers live on? 🙂 Who wouldn’t want an extra stash of this stuff.

A Standing Desk- There are many companies and many models of standing desks on the marketplace so take some time to shop around. Standing desks are quite popular and will be a healthier alternative for your writer rather than sitting all day.


As you can see, there are  all kinds of gifts you can get for the writer in your life. They don’t have to cost you all the ink in your printer either. 🙂 Choose any one of these and I’m sure you will have a happy, productive writer in the new year.








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