Writing Resolutions: My Goals For 2017

I hate making resolutions, I would rather make goals. Resolutions are so temporary to me, with goals you have a whole year to accomplish them. So, upon reflection of last year, I would like to share my Writing Resolutions: My Goals For 2017.

Finish and Publish My First Novel-I have been working on this book off and on for awhile. I’m ready to write the rest of the story out, get it edited and formatted, and out for purchase by the middle of this year. I’m really enjoying writing it and it has been flowing really well. I’m excited to send another one of my “babies” out into the world.

Learn To Market My Work Better and More Effectively-Being an indie author is not easy. It is a lot of fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it is not easy. It’s hard to market yourself amidst fifty thousand pieces of advice and among so many social media platforms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I live in an age where it is easy to have such a way to reach people. I’m hoping to learn how to market my work more effectively this year and maybe think outside the box a little bit.

Writing Resolutions.

Writing Resolutions: My Goals For 2017

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Build A More Effective Platform-Having a platform is crucial for any entrepreneur or creative. It is especially crucial for writers. I just bought a book on how to build your author platform that I hope will serve me well this year. If you are looking to build your author platform, here are two books that I suggest. The first one is Platform by Michael Hyatt. I have a copy of this on both my NOOK and my bookshelf. It is an amazing book. I also recommend Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules: A Literary Agent’s Guide To Growing Your Audience In 14 Steps by Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister. I plan on starting to implement these strategies when I start reading the book next month.

Trying Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads-I’ve heard that using Facebook Ads to promote your book/business/product is a no-brainer but I’m not 100% sure how to set one up and what all goes into it. This is definitely something I want to try in regards to at least one of my books this year if not all three. I also plan on researching Amazon ads as well.

Possibly Write And Publish My Second Novel-Okay, I’m being VERY ambitious here. However, there is a story that is tugging at my heart and simply will not let me go.  I already have an outline, my characters names, a resources page, the cover, a title and the first chapter started. I have also done a little dabbling in research in regards to the intricacies of the hero of my story. I have a feeling when I sit down to write it, it’s just going to come pouring and gushing out of me.  My fantasy goal is to publish it sometime in December. I mean, that is A LOT of work to get done in six months or so. However, my second goal is to publish it in either January or February of 2018.

So, there you have it, my five goals for 2017. What are your author goals for 2017? What are you struggling with in getting started? Please leave a comment, I would love to know. 🙂


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