Why Do You Eat Your Boogers?

Today I thought I would sit down and interview Goober McGee from Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green). Goober was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his recess time to talk to me. I am interviewing him about why do you eat your boogers?

Me: “Hi Goober, thank you so much for talking with me.”

Goober: “You’re welcome. I really want to help kids get this booger eating thing under control.”

Me: “When did you start eating your boogers?”

Goober: “Unfortunately, I didn’t always have a tissue around so I started eating my boogers. I mean, who wants to go ask the teacher at recess to go inside and get a tissue? I have better things to do. So that was always my solution.”

Me: “Were your friends grossed out?”

Goober: “Not really, some of them do it too. It’s not that big  a deal. At least I didn’t think so. Until I got sick.”

Me: “How did you get sick?”

Goober: “I got a case of Boogeritis from eating too many boogers. I woke up one morning and was green all over my body. My older brother, Sludge, tried to warn me. But I just ignored him. Older brothers are such a pain in the neck, ya know?”

Me: “But he was right, wasn’t he?”

Goober: (Big sigh.) “Yes, who would have thought?”

Me:” So how did you get rid of it?”

Goober: “I had to eat dark, leafy vegetables. Not the good kind either like broccoli or brussel sprouts. I had to eat asparagus, spinach and okra. Those are the grossest vegetables ever. Or so I thought. Once I tried them, they weren’t so bad. I started turning less green and back to my natural skin tone.”

Me: “I hear your friends helped a lot.”

Goober: “Yeah, my two best friends, Sally and Charlie, talked to our lunch lady and she agreed to add spinach to the menu. I was surprised how willing my classmates were to try it. Their support really helped. A lot of them like spinach now and are willing to try new things.”

Me: “That’s fantastic Goober.”

Goober: “Thanks. We also made a promise as a class to never eat our boogers again. Nobody wants Boogeritis so everyone has kept their promise. It feels good to know I was a role model to help stop such a gross habit and encourage others to try new foods.”

Me: “You have done an excellent job Goober. I’m very proud of you.”

Goober: “Thank you. Can I join my friends at recess now?”

Me: “You sure can.”

Goober: “Yay!”  And with that he’s out the door. 🙂


Do you want to read Goober’s story?

Why Do You Eat Your Boogers?













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