Slipped Away

I miss you so bad

Thinking about you all day

Wondering if you got my message

And if you’re okay

I miss you

The friendship

The trust

Thinking of all that could have been

Cut short due to your blindness

The lack of the spark

Fizzled to ash

The same spark

That set me off

Leaving me on fire

For those to watch as I flounder

Such a blaze

Even my own tears can’t put me out

Burning mind, heart and soul

Charred to empty holes

For only the cool breeze to pass through

Left to repair the self inflicted damage

Never caused by you

Still haunted in the hour you slipped away

I would give anything to have you back

To take up the slack

I miss you…

Slipped Away

Photo courtesy of Cathal Mac an Bheatha

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