4 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Book Cover.

In last week’s post, I went over five tips to get you started writing your book. The next step is finding a cover. This is not a process that you should rush through. Choosing the perfect cover is very important and could mean life or death for your book. It is the first thing that catches a readers eye in a sea of books online. It is the image that draws someone in.  At the last event I was at, a young man picked up a copy of Shadow Of Soul, looked at the cover for a minute, and then flipped it over to read the back. While reading, he kept nodding his head as if totally drawn in by the description. He wound up buying a copy of the book. Also while at this event, I sold a few copies of my book Don’t Eat Your Boogers. The funny thing was, the adults would pick it up and read the back and then ask how much. They never even flipped through it. Kids were drawn to it right away and flipped through the pages.  Do I say all this to brag? Absolutely not. My point is, these covers drew people in. So, how do you go about finding your perfect cover? Here are three tips for finding your perfect book cover.

4 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Cover

4 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Book Cover.

Tip #1: Envision a cover to go with your story– Think about all the elements of your story and what image would best evoke the heart of your story. Think about if you want people on your cover. Think about the colors you would like to see in your cover. (For example, Shadow Of Soul is a book of dark poetry so I chose a cover with a tombstone and a raven to evoke a dark, spooky mood.)

Tip #2: Don’t design your cover yourself-Please, please, please do not design your cover yourself, even if you have graphic design experience. Your book deserves to have a cover designed by a professional. You want it to be beautiful and eye catching, not just…bleh.

Tip #3 Use a professional-Here are my top three picks for getting a great looking cover for every budget.

*Selfpubbookcovers-I absolutely LOVE this company and have bought six covers from them. Prices range from $69-$100 and over. The best part is you can customize your cover, you get files for both print and e-book automatically, you can download instantly, and once you buy it, they take it off the site, never to be sold again.

*JH Illustration-Illustrator Jeanine Henning did the cover and illustrations for Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green). She is a joy to work with, very professional and is happy to answer any questions you may have. She does both adult and children’s books and comes highly recommended.

*Fiverr– There are a vast amount of illustrators here that draw in all different ways. Take a look and see if an artist catches your eye.

Tip #4: Take your time– As I said, this is not a process to be rushed. I picked out six different covers for my next book alone and had to take some time to really narrow it down. As I say, finding the right cover is like seeing your first born child, you just fall in love.

By keeping these tips in mind, in the end you should be able to find your perfect book cover. Happy hunting!

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