Running Around The Writer’s Block?

For most writers, ideas flow naturally like a waterfall. Most of us can’t get all our ideas out before the ink runs out in our printer. Our rapidly typing fingers can’t keep up with our thoughts. We would rather be on a caffeine high than not be able to finish the last paragraph or sentence. But then there are times when you can sit at a computer and stare at nothing. Have we lost our spark? Will the words ever come back? Why has the spigot of words suddenly stopped? Hey, it happens. And when it does, it sucks. Are you feeling that way today? Are you running around the writer’s block in your head, trying to chase the ideas that just won’t come? No worries, I have just the solution for getting your ideas back on track. Today’s post is a list of sites that post prompts and other ideas to help combat the horrible lack of words we all get from time to time.

Are You Running Around The Writer’s Block?

The Story Starter( site will randomly generate a thought-provoking “story starter sentence” from over 215 billion prompts. prompts)-Although it is geared toward teachers, these prompts can be helpful for everyone.

Creativity-portal.comThis web site not only has prompts but also articles on different challenges that face writers.

Six Word Memoirs( web site has a collection of micro-memoirs. You can check out their YouTube channel for inspiration and also submit your best six word missive to be featured on the site’s homepage.

Are You Running Around The Writer's Block?

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Other Ideas To Combat That Pesky Writer’s Block.

Get outside-Going outside for a walk can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Spend some time in the water-Go for a swim or take a shower. I truly believe there is something in the water that releases creativity, I get a lot of ideas when I’m around water.

Learn a new skill/do something new-Sometimes learning something new or trying something new can release creativity. So learn a new skill or go do something new, like take a cooking class or something way more adventurous.

Enjoy the atmosphere of a coffeehouse without leaving the house-Okay, I know this sounds totally counterproductive, didn’t I just tell you to go out and do something? Well, sometimes the quiet hum of a coffeehouse can unclog the brain cells as well.  However, some days you just have too much to get done. If you’re looking for that coffeehouse hum at home, turn on some coffitivity.  It’s free and brings the coffee house atmosphere to you.


Everyone needs a break sometimes to just step away and come back. I hope these suggestions will spark your creative juices again and you’ll be back to writing again in no time.




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