Indie Author Day Is Coming.

Mark your calendars my author friends, Indie Author Day is coming.

Indie Author Day Is Coming.

What is Indie Author Day? Indie Author Day is a day where authors, libraries and readers connect. This event is held across the nation in various libraries and offers authors the ability to speak on different panels, display their books, and interact with other authors and readers. Last year was the first of its kind.

When is Indie Author Day?

Indie Author Day is being held on Saturday, October 14th this year.

Indie Author Day Is Coming

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My experience from last year.

As I said, last year was the first Indie Author Day event ever.  I went to the library in the next town over to participate and had a great time. Here are some of the highlights.

  1. I was able to meet other local authors just like me and develop some friendships.
  2. Being able to go around and chat with everyone about their writing journey.
  3. Being able to display my books as this was my first event ever.
  4. Chatting with those who came in to take a look at what we had to offer.

However, there were some low lights too.

  1. I didn’t sell any books
  2. Very low traffic. Most people were there specifically for the library and not for what we had to offer.

Would I participate again?

Absolutely. I’m not going to write it off (no pun intended) because last year wasn’t fruitful. The way I see it, it was a learning process for everyone. Librarians can gauge how they need to change their promotion compared to last year. Local authors can help by writing about it on their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Regardless of turnout, it is a great way to meet other authors, learn from each other, and build relationships.



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