Why Are Writer’s Groups Important?

Being a writer can be a lonely road.  We often spend long hours at your desk researching, writing, and editing. If we’re not careful, we can get isolated. Sure, we spend time with our friends and families and love them very much for their support. Still, sometimes it’s hard because they don’t always understand us. We need to be around our own kind but with many writers having busy schedules outside of their writing lives. How do we combat this? Writer’s groups. Why are writer’s groups important? They give us the friendship, support, and feedback that we crave.

Why Are Writer’s Groups Important?

  1. They are a place where writer’s can develop personal friendships with fellow writers.
  2. They are a place to get constructive criticism about their work.
  3. They are a place where writer’s can share tips, articles, and blog posts about the craft and business of writing.
  4. They are a way for those who are published to mentor those who want to publish a book.
  5. They foster a sense of community by each member of the group supporting each other through attending each others personal author events.
  6. They are a great way to share information on upcoming local author opportunities.
Why Are Writer's Groups Important?

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How To Find A Writer’s Group?

Online-There are many different groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc for both writers and indie authors alike.

Local Community-Call your local library or community college to see if they know of any writer’s groups in your area.

Start your own-Sometimes you live in an area where there is nothing going on. Does this mean no one is interested? Not likely. You are probably surrounded by writers like you who just aren’t sure how to connect with others. This is the time to be the catalyst and start something in your area. Contact your local libraries and community colleges and see if they can help you get the word out about what you want to do and get some feedback.


I have met some amazing, talented writers in the groups I have been in, some of which have become close, personal friends. It is always great to know I can post a question and get honest feedback without ever feeling dumb for asking. Writing is an ongoing process, not to be done alone. There is always a question to ask or something to learn.  Interacting with others will feed your mind, soothe your writer’s soul and make your journey a lot less lonely.


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