Can Your Library Be Your Publicist?

As indie authors, we are always looking for ways to market and put ourselves out there. Many of us schedule our own appearances at local bookstores or show up in groups for author events. It’s easy to get focused on the bookstore and online opportunities. However, there is one other place that can be a gold mine for authors if they use it right. What is this place? Your local library. Can your library be your publicist? In a sense, yes. There are two things libraries want from their local authors-donations and time. Here are some tips to help make both things work to your advantage.


Libraries are a great way to get your work out there without spending any money, not to mention they love donations.

1. Donations help get your work in circulation and help you gain readers.

2. Donating copies of your book to be sold at a library sale helps guarantee that they will find a permanent home. This also shows that the reader is genuinely interested in your book by buying it and taking it home.

3. Donations help your library in that they don’t have to spend extra money to help keep their shelves full of current reads.

Can Your Library Be Your Publicist?

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Libraries are looking to gain new patrons and by donating your time, you are helping draw people in.

  1. Offer to teach a seminar about publishing a book.
  2. Offer to give a speech about your writing journey.
  3. If you are a children’s author, sign up to read to children during story time.
  4. Contact your local author friends and set up an author event where people can come and buy your books as well as ask questions.
  5. Participate in Indie Author Day. (Every year in October.)
  6. Teach a writing class for the afternoon. Make sure you give each participant a copy of one of your books as a thank you for coming.


By donating your books and your time, not only are you bound to create a great partnership with your library, you are also bound to bring in new readership for both of you.



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