Crash And Burn

Crash And Burn

All I wanna do

Is crash and burn with you

Walk you through all the pain and hell

All the crap she hands to you

Beside you to see you through


All I wanna do

Is crash and burn with you

Working towards that common goal

As we crash into tons of obstacles

Only to see you burn in successes sweet glow


All I wanna do

Is crash and burn with you

To scorch the sheets

To call your arms home

But in cold, harsh reality

I’ll be burning all alone


Crash And Burn

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Why Do You Eat Your Boogers?

Today I thought I would sit down and interview Goober McGee from Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green). Goober was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his recess time to talk to me. I am interviewing him about why do you eat your boogers?

Me: “Hi Goober, thank you so much for talking with me.”

Goober: “You’re welcome. I really want to help kids get this booger eating thing under control.”

Me: “When did you start eating your boogers?”

Goober: “Unfortunately, I didn’t always have a tissue around so I started eating my boogers. I mean, who wants to go ask the teacher at recess to go inside and get a tissue? I have better things to do. So that was always my solution.”

Me: “Were your friends grossed out?”

Goober: “Not really, some of them do it too. It’s not that big  a deal. At least I didn’t think so. Until I got sick.”

Me: “How did you get sick?”

Goober: “I got a case of Boogeritis from eating too many boogers. I woke up one morning and was green all over my body. My older brother, Sludge, tried to warn me. But I just ignored him. Older brothers are such a pain in the neck, ya know?”

Me: “But he was right, wasn’t he?”

Goober: (Big sigh.) “Yes, who would have thought?”

Me:” So how did you get rid of it?”

Goober: “I had to eat dark, leafy vegetables. Not the good kind either like broccoli or brussel sprouts. I had to eat asparagus, spinach and okra. Those are the grossest vegetables ever. Or so I thought. Once I tried them, they weren’t so bad. I started turning less green and back to my natural skin tone.”

Me: “I hear your friends helped a lot.”

Goober: “Yeah, my two best friends, Sally and Charlie, talked to our lunch lady and she agreed to add spinach to the menu. I was surprised how willing my classmates were to try it. Their support really helped. A lot of them like spinach now and are willing to try new things.”

Me: “That’s fantastic Goober.”

Goober: “Thanks. We also made a promise as a class to never eat our boogers again. Nobody wants Boogeritis so everyone has kept their promise. It feels good to know I was a role model to help stop such a gross habit and encourage others to try new foods.”

Me: “You have done an excellent job Goober. I’m very proud of you.”

Goober: “Thank you. Can I join my friends at recess now?”

Me: “You sure can.”

Goober: “Yay!”  And with that he’s out the door. 🙂


Do you want to read Goober’s story?

Why Do You Eat Your Boogers?










I’m Sorry (Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise)

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry

For what I feel

I didn’t mean for it to flare up this way

I’m sorry

For making you paranoid

But if you weren’t you

I wouldn’t feel this way

I'm Sorry

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I’m sorry

That I can’t look away

From the  heart stopping  glare

You cast off

And I’m sorry

That my feelings are all in vain

But I’m even sorrier

That you’ll never feel the same


Taken from Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise











Writers, How Do You Keep Your Ideas Organized?

Oh, the mind of a writer. If you’re like me, you have ideas swirling in your head all the time. Currently, I’m working on my first full length novel. I’m also writing down ideas, information, clips of conversation and any other interesting thing that comes to mind for my second book.  Then there is that other manuscript I have started that will eventually be my third book. Has this happened to you? You have so many ideas you don’t know what to do or where to start. Writers, how do your ideas organized? It can be a little hard to figure out. Everyone has a different system, but this is what works for me.

Writers, How Do You Keep Your Ideas Organized?

Each Book Has It’s Own Folder- Each one of my books has it’s own folder. I keep everything from beginning chapters, acknowledgements, Bible verses, a letter to my reader, etc inside. I also keep any research notes in there as well. I make sure I have a hard copy of everything.

An Electronic Folder For Each Book-I also keep an electronic folder for each book containing the elements above. It makes it so much easier than having to search through documents and downloads on my computer.

Outlines-Sometimes I sit down and outline five to eight chapters at a time, sometimes only one or two when I first get started thinking about a book. However, it is a really great way to keep organized while you are writing. It’s nice to have a reference as to what events are going to happen in each chapter.

Writets, How Do You Keep Your Ideas Organized?

Photo courtesy of Tim Gouw via Unsplash

Other Ways To Keep Your Ideas Organized.

Here are some other ideas on how to keep your ideas organized that I have learned from other authors but have yet to try.

Character Interviews-I have a friend that interviews her characters. She sits down makes a list of all the questions she wants to know about them and then comes up with their answers. I find this to be a very unique idea about how to flesh out your characters.

Idea Mapping-One of my favorite authors, Jon Acuff, uses post it  notes on a bulletin board to map out his books. This is also a brilliant idea as far as moving ideas around to different places as well as chapters.

How do you keep your ideas organized? Do you have some kind of out of the ordinary system you use? Please let me know in the comments. I look forward to learning from you.




Writing Resolutions: My Goals For 2017

I hate making resolutions, I would rather make goals. Resolutions are so temporary to me, with goals you have a whole year to accomplish them. So, upon reflection of last year, I would like to share my Writing Resolutions: My Goals For 2017.

Finish and Publish My First Novel-I have been working on this book off and on for awhile. I’m ready to write the rest of the story out, get it edited and formatted, and out for purchase by the middle of this year. I’m really enjoying writing it and it has been flowing really well. I’m excited to send another one of my “babies” out into the world.

Learn To Market My Work Better and More Effectively-Being an indie author is not easy. It is a lot of fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it is not easy. It’s hard to market yourself amidst fifty thousand pieces of advice and among so many social media platforms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I live in an age where it is easy to have such a way to reach people. I’m hoping to learn how to market my work more effectively this year and maybe think outside the box a little bit.

Writing Resolutions.

Writing Resolutions: My Goals For 2017

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Burden via Unsplash

Build A More Effective Platform-Having a platform is crucial for any entrepreneur or creative. It is especially crucial for writers. I just bought a book on how to build your author platform that I hope will serve me well this year. If you are looking to build your author platform, here are two books that I suggest. The first one is Platform by Michael Hyatt. I have a copy of this on both my NOOK and my bookshelf. It is an amazing book. I also recommend Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules: A Literary Agent’s Guide To Growing Your Audience In 14 Steps by Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister. I plan on starting to implement these strategies when I start reading the book next month.

Trying Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads-I’ve heard that using Facebook Ads to promote your book/business/product is a no-brainer but I’m not 100% sure how to set one up and what all goes into it. This is definitely something I want to try in regards to at least one of my books this year if not all three. I also plan on researching Amazon ads as well.

Possibly Write And Publish My Second Novel-Okay, I’m being VERY ambitious here. However, there is a story that is tugging at my heart and simply will not let me go.  I already have an outline, my characters names, a resources page, the cover, a title and the first chapter started. I have also done a little dabbling in research in regards to the intricacies of the hero of my story. I have a feeling when I sit down to write it, it’s just going to come pouring and gushing out of me.  My fantasy goal is to publish it sometime in December. I mean, that is A LOT of work to get done in six months or so. However, my second goal is to publish it in either January or February of 2018.

So, there you have it, my five goals for 2017. What are your author goals for 2017? What are you struggling with in getting started? Please leave a comment, I would love to know. 🙂



Looking (From Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise)



Looking for someone from which to jump beyond myself

Looking for someone to catch this drift

Looking for someone to surf the same wavelength

Looking for someone to catch my disorganized thoughts

As they spew forth


For someone

Looking to someone, to the invisible air

A person I can’t see, someone to live through

After I jump beyond me

To look back and see

My tangled emotions and half empty thoughts



Idea Obsession: How I Knew I Wanted To Become A Writer.

When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Have you known it all your life or have you just recently found a passion (or two) that lights you on fire? I have loved writing and words my whole life. My Mom told me when I saw my first book, I went crazy flailing my arms and staring at the pages. This is the story of how I knew I wanted to become a writer.

Elementary Thoughts.

All through school, I struggled through math courses and in science where math came into play. I have a learning disability in math but I have always excelled at reading and writing.  I absolutely loved English Composition class and would often get A’s on my papers. I always had a problem with writing short stories.  However, it was the only thing I was really good at.  I dreamed of being a best selling author and all the perks that go with having lots of money. I also wanted to write book of poetry and song lyrics for famous people. Oh, how naive I was to think it would be so easy. What can I say, I was nine years old when I officially made the decision this is what I wanted to do with my life.

How I Knew I Wanted To Be A Writer: Jr. High

I got my first real stab at writing in junior high school. My special ed teacher was able to make arrangements for me to intern at the local paper. I did research from old film strips for a few articles and also wrote a few of my own. Also during this time, I wrote an article about my Dad’s charity motorcycle ride that was published in the Keystone Motorcycle Press-and I got paid! That was an exciting experience and helped keep my passion for writing alive. Even though I didn’t get paid from the local paper, seeing my article with my name on it was awesome. When I moved from Pennslylvania to Illinois and started private school, I wrote on our very small school newsletter.

How I Knew I Wanted To Be A Writer.

Photo courtesy of Alvaro Serrano via Unsplash



My College Years.

I started college to pursue a degree in Journalism but never made it.  Once again, the math classes were just too much to take. While I was there, I wrote for the school newspaper but wound up dropping out.  I was also writing for our local town newspaper as well. I wound up having to quit that also due to a conflicting school and work schedule which didn’t allow me to be able to cover stories anymore. From there, things were stagnant for quite awhile.  The only thing I wrote for the longest time was poetry.


It has been a long road and I’m nowhere near where I want to be yet. I’m on my way though. I have published three books with another one in the works. I’m full of ideas for the two books after that. I have also started freelance writing and have had a few wins there as well. I’m just thankful I’ve known my whole life what I really wanted to do. It just took me awhile to figure out how to get it started. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did you know you wanted to be a …(fill in the blank) and have you either started accomplishing it or have accomplished it? Leave a comment, I would love to know about your journey.










Out Of The Box: 16 Indie Author Books To Give This Year

It’s that time of year again. Christmas shopping is in full swing and you are trying to figure out what to get the book lover on your list. Sure they have their favorites. Don’t we all? But what if they have been looking for something different? What if they want to try some new authors? Today’s post is called 15 Indie Author Books To Give This Year, full of various genres, even kids. So take a look and see if you can find something for the reading aficionado in your life. Who knows, you may introduce them to their new favorite author.

Indie Author Books.

For Such A Time As This by Candace A. Jones– If you know a person who is looking to find their purpose and grow closer to the Lord, this is the book for them. Candace gives a powerful testimony about lessons learned from the harsh realities of her own past. In these discussions, she offers encouragement coupled with God’s word that there is hope and that we are all created for a purpose.

Everlasting Life by Kristy Phillips-This is a compilation of books about growing into a stronger, healthier relationship with God and yourself. This book will bring a greater sense of intimacy with the Lord and heal your soul.

Phenomenal Dad by Cruz Santana- Do you know a single Dad who is struggling?  Then this book is exactly what he needs. Filled with lessons learned from her own divorce in regards to the father/child dynamic, this tough as nails mother of eight provides insightful and practical tips and lessons for single Dads who strive to have the best relationship with their kids as possible.

Seasons Of Darkness by Belinda G Buchanan-Ethan Harrington lost his innocence the day his mother took her own life. Having to grow up fast, he builds a wall around his heart that he vows no one will ever penetrate. Living alone with his controlling and abusive father, he tries to live among the remains of a family that was never functional in the first place. A kindhearted doctor, a beautiful girl and a nanny all love him in different ways. This is a dark yet hopeful coming of age tale about the relationship between a father and a son when tragedy strikes.

To Leave A Memory by Pat Dunlap Evans-This is a heartwarming story of a Georgia family’s victory over a devastating tragedy. History professor Andrew Ward’s wife has a premonition that something will happen if Andrew allows their son to go out one stormy night. Tragedy strikes, proving her premonition correct. Andrew is too anguished to admit he is wrong and he and Lizzy drift into avoidance. Their young daughter, Jane, can’t forgive her brother’s death nor can Thomas, an arrogant millionaire and a thorn in Andrew’s side. When Lizzy decides to leave, Jane encourages her to repair her marriage. When a second tragedy strikes, each family member faces a choice they don’t want to make and Andrew has to find a way to leave a memory.

What Haunts Me by Margaret MillmoreDoes the reader in your life love the paranormal? Then  pick them up a copy of What Haunts Me. George is plagued by strange dreams-nighttime visions of ghosts who wander among the living and infect their victims with deformity and disease. A deep instinct emerges in George, he can kill these monsters and heal their victims. Suppressed memories start bubbling to the surface and George becomes consumed with his new responsibility as his sanity slips.  Along the path he finds friends and allies as well as enemies he could have never imagined.

More Indie Books.

15 Indie Author Books To Give This Year.

Photo courtesy of Ben White via Unsplash.

After All Is Said And Done by Belinda G. BuchananThis book is a continuation of the life of Ethan Harrington as an adult. It is a very deep book about infidelity, heartache and forgiveness. Ethan is now a doctor, devoted husband, eager to be a father and a borderline alcoholic. He has spent most of a year trying to forgive his wife for her infidelity with a colleague and slowly starts to heal with the birth of his son. However, it isn’t long before he finds out the secret his wife has been desperately keeping from him. With his life crumbling and his drinking escalating due to this discovery, Ethan’s jealousy and insecurity engulf him. Now that his marriage is in pieces and his sanity questionable, Ethan struggles to confront a past he has spent his whole life trying to forget.

Worst Christmas Break Ever by Jennifer WaddleBrad Finckley is having the worst Christmas break ever. Find out why he woke up to a white mixing bowl, why he had to leave giraffe crackers for Santa and why the new Pocket Gamer Deluxe was the only thing on his Christmas list.

The Dinosaurs Did It by Amanda Bowyer– Shawn was a good kid. Until the dinosaurs moved in! Everything from windows and vases to carpets and pies are ruined and Shawn’s Mom thinks he’s responsible. It’s not her fault; after all, it’s not easy to believe dinosaurs are to blame.

Make Money As A Freelance Writer: 7 Simple Steps To Start Your Freelance Business And Make Your First $1000 by Gina Horkey & Sally Miller-Have a friend who is writing inclined and looking to start a new career next year? This is the book they have been looking for. Covering topics like overcoming your fear to finding your niche to gathering samples and creating a portfolio to sourcing jobs, this book will make sure your writer friend will start off on the right track. (Amazon, e-book only)

Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green) by Carrie Lowrance- Goober McGee has a bad habit. He eats his boogers. His older brother, Sludge, warns him that he could come down with a case of Boogeritis. Goober thinks Sludge is just pulling his leg until one day he wakes up and he’s green-everywhere! How does he get rid of it? Join Goober on his journey to get better by learning to try new foods, becoming a role model for his peers, and promising to never eat his boogers again.

Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise by Carrie Lowrance– This is a book of poems about heartache and it’s various forms. From cheating to disillusionment to unrequited love.

The Safety Of Objects by Carrie Lowrance- This is a book of poems about objects. Everything from Breakfast to Grass to Shoes to a Mother Cat.

The Wreck Of Columbia by Ken Zurski– Do you know a history buff? This is the true story about a steamboat named Columbia, that was returning from a moonlight excursion, which collapsed and sank in the Illinois river. Out of nearly 500 passengers on board, most were from Pekin Illinois. Eighty-seven people lost their lives that night. The rest survived to tell their tales of survival and fortitude.  The gripping account of this accident follows the compelling story of when the captain knew their was a problem to the cries and screams in the night to courageous actions of the search and recovery crews to the pursuit by law officials to find truth and justice.

The Knight Of Cups: The Danse, Book 1 (Volume 1) by Kevin Wright-While investigating a gangland murder, detective Tom Chapel discovers that the world is darker than he ever imagined and evil is very real. A world where vampires gather in dark alleyways and the most dangerous predator is not what you would think. Are Chapel’s experience and skills up to the task?  And who is Pieter Durant? Apparently, there are things in the night that even monsters fear…

The Reluctant Butterfly by Debra Collett– This book is about Little Lou, a caterpillar who is afraid to turn into a butterfly.  She soon discovers that her life is going to change forever. With a little help from her best friend, Ladybug, and some advice from Butterfly, she explores the values of true friendship, embracing change and facing fears.

I hope this list will cover the various tastes of all your reading friends. Happy shopping!









Gifts For Writers

Finding gifts for writers can be a challenging thing. Especially for those who do not write. No offense anyone. 🙂 There are so many kinds of writers as well, from freelance writers to poets to songwriters, etc. How can you find the perfect gift for that special writer in your life? Today I have compiled a list of gifts via category that is sure to have your writer dreaming of their next words.

The Freelance Writer

Writer’s Market 2017This book comes out every year with new publications for writer’s to publish their work in, tip and tricks of the trade, and examples of how to write a great query.(  Original book starts at $20.97, Deluxe version(includes a 1 year membership to, $36.60, Barnes & Noble.)

Grammarly PremiumDo you know a writer who can tell a great story and spell, but struggles with grammar? Then a Grammarly Premium membership would be perfect for them. The premium version of this program corrects grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style. Plans start at $29.95/month

Make Money As A Freelance Writer by Sally Miller and Gina HorkeyDo you know someone who is either just starting their freelance business or dreams of doing so but has no idea where to start? This is the perfect book to get them started on the right track. $3.99 (e-book only)

Squirrly ProSquirrly is a plugin for a website that helps a writer analyze  key words to put into their blog posts. If your writer has a blog, this is a great gift for $20/month.


Gifts For Writers

Photo credit David Everett Stickler via Unsplash

The Poet

 2017 Poet’s MarketWho says poetry is a lost art? This book is full of places to submit poetry, contests, and helpful tips. (B&N, $26.96)

A Blank Journal-There is something about a new blank journal that sends sparks through a poet’s soul. As writers, sometimes we have to write ideas on napkins, paper place mats or whatever other source of paper we find at the moment. Having a new journal sparks excitement as to what will fill the pages next.

The Songwriter.

SongU.comSong University is the most comprehensive tool I have come across for songwriters. Through this service you have access to songwriting courses, feedback on songs you have written, the ability to pitch your songs and the ability to find a co-writer (for those who write only music or only lyrics). You can choose from a Lite Membership ($4.95/month or $14.00/quarter or Premium Membership($25.95/month or $75/quarter).

Songwriters Market 40th Edition-This book comes out every year and is full of current information on placing songs with music publishers, discovering record companies or producers, securing representation with a manager, etc. (Amazon, $20.74)

For Any Writer.

Writer’s DigestThis magazine is packed with information about all kinds of writing, interviews with top authors, etc. ($25/year) The subscription link is at the bottom of the page. 🙂

A Space Of Their Own-Does the writer in your life have to adjust to whatever their surroundings are when they want to write? Contrary to popular demand, we can write just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we are the most productive. It is important for a writer to have their own space to write.  So clean out that extra closet, a corner in the spare room or a quiet corner elsewhere and turn it into that special space for your writer. A desk, their computer, and a printer is all you really need. A planner or a framed inspirational writing quote would be a nice touch too. They will love you for it.

Homemade Meals For The Freezer-Normally people think of this when people move or have a new baby but this is also great for your writer friends. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are writing that time just flies by and the next thing we know it’s past dinnertime and we (and our families) are starving. Sometimes we are on a tight deadline also. Being able to pull a meal from the freezer and pop it into the oven would be a God send for your writer.

Coffee, Tea and Chocolate-Hey, aren’t these what writers live on? 🙂 Who wouldn’t want an extra stash of this stuff.

A Standing Desk- There are many companies and many models of standing desks on the marketplace so take some time to shop around. Standing desks are quite popular and will be a healthier alternative for your writer rather than sitting all day.


As you can see, there are  all kinds of gifts you can get for the writer in your life. They don’t have to cost you all the ink in your printer either. 🙂 Choose any one of these and I’m sure you will have a happy, productive writer in the new year.